Wednesday, July 02, 2008

camp, motherfucker, camp

When I was what I would now label a "tween" I attended sleep-away Girl Scout camp. We did a variety of activities, including the expected campfire sing-a-longs and woodland hikes, but my absolute favorite things were swim time and crafts. I think I must have squealed when Kelly K mentioned that our friend Johnny wanted to do a day-o-camp-fun for adults. He's an outdoorsy bike boy so to him camp meant games and hijinx, but I immediately thought: ARTS! CRAFTS! I recruited another librarian to join me at the Arts + Crafts table. We'll be offering stick boxes to interested campers.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

earning my reappropriated materials badge

A few weeks ago a friendly acquaintance was telling me about an ongoing Craft Night that she and her friends have been having pretty regularly for the last few years. I was enthusiastic and jealous, since I have been talking about making things and not actually making things for the past year now. Also, I love anything involving gatherings of people. We talked for awhile about how they managed to keep it going, and then we barbecued. Last week, the friendly acquaintance emailed me that it was her turn to host and did I want to come? Of course I did! Not only would it be a chance to hang out more with an interesting person I didn't know that well yet, but we could make stuff! Joy!

If you haven't been building or making or sewing or crafting in awhile, you probably have a bag or a box or a basement full of half-finished projects. I spent 40 minutes down in my basement, digging through those boxes and bags to find something that a) wasn't too complicated to carry or figure out in a group setting; b) I wanted to work on; c) was easy enough to transport; and d) wouldn't embarrass me in front of a group of dedicated crafters. I settled on a project that I started right before I left NYC, an idea ripped directly off of Kelly K: Girl Scout Patch T-Shirts. Kelly had made one for herself years ago, taken from her own earned patches when she was just a little kk. I thought it was so cute that I spent a lunch hour picking out my own badges to buy from the GS website. Unearned, but still fun. I made two or three for friends, and then put the patches away and forgot about them, until this past week.

The shirt I made at Craft Night was for my friend Jane. She's an artist, likes to sew, is good with repairs, and is both a star and #1. Now this will be apparent even to strangers whenever she wears the shirt.

sewing star

craft night project

And P.S., Craft Night was awesomely fun.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

pointing (and crossing) fingers

The summer craft season is heating up. We're kicking off the teen and tween craft at the 'brary today. I was feeling lazy, so I put out paper, markers, glue, yarn, ribbon, and scissors. I'll post pictures later ... if anyone comes.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

i gave her my heart, she gave me a pen

I haven't done anything particularly crafty since MG, aka Scribble Faster, suggested this blog but I believe in beginnings so I'm going to post my most favorite creation from the last year:

It was a Valentine sent to a boy whom I was crushing on. Despite its beauty, I am still single. The arrow is made from a pen. Clever, eh?

So ... that was the necessary start. Get ready for greatness.